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From Gary Hart: 

I'm sitting here, kind of numb this morning. The heart wrenching pain was last night when I watched my long time friend, Tom Albrecht, take his last breath at St. Joseph hospital in St. Charles, MO. Tom, a long time fellow chimney sweep, died at 8:30 pm. Tom's daughter Samantha and I were honored to have witnessed Tom's passing. I'm very fortunate to have two good friends in my life. This morning, I'm thinking back to what Tom and I have shared together. We have done a lot to improve out professionalism in the Chimney Service Industry, have gone to masonry school together in Pipestone, MN, conventions all over, traveled to Belize and floated the rivers in Missouri. We have sit for hours contemplating the problems of our society. When Tom was having a depressing day, sometimes he would call me and we would talk for hours. Tom, you were an icon to me. Steven Joseph Simms, retired St. Louis City police officer and childhood friend, hang in there. I think we still have some fun times fishing together.

From VIctor Imgarten:

As Gary Hart posted earlier, we lost a great friend, supporter of the industry and bikers everywhere. Lover of spotless equipment and the first sweep to have a software program for sweeps. I am probably still in business and here because of Tom. Some leave a mark, some will always be with you. May you have the peace you always looked for and turn it up untill the walls rattle.

In 1980, a group of chimney sweeps from St. Louis decided to put together a professional chimney association in the State of Missouri. Among the founders were Gary Hart, Victor Imgaarten, Tom and Sally Lloyd, and Tom Albrecht. This group was also very active in the National Chimney Sweep Guild and in the industry as a whole. They would become leaders in the industry. 

Within a few years the organization grew to include chimney sweeps from across the state including Kansas CIty, Columbia, Springfield, Joplin, Carthage, and many rural areas. The MCSG held annual meetings and workshops, focusing on education for the trade. 

In the year 2000, it became clear that due to the growing interest in our annual workshops, newsletter, website, and special events, the association needed to expand. Chimney sweeps and technicians attended meetings from neighboring states and beyond. Our annual conference grew substantially in terms of attendance. So we decided to form a new organization, which would initially include 13 states in the Midwest Region - and the Midwest Chimney Safety Council was born. The idea was first proposed by Marge Padgitt- and Marge, Gene Padittt, Dale and Sandy Deraps, Sally and Kirk Scott, Steve Hoover, and Bill Lower officially started the new MCSC

​The Midwest Chimney Safety Council focuses on professional education as well as public education. We offer classes for public meetings and conferences, and education for technicians. Our association consists of chimney sweeps, chimney builders, venting technicians, HVAC technicians, fire investigators, home inspectors, and masons. 

In Memorium

Tom Albrecht